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Illinois has had three capital cities. Name them in order from earliest to latest: Kaskaskia,Vandalia,Springfield. List two ways the Illinois Constitution can be amended. Constitutional convention General Assembly. Name Illinois' three branches of government.
Jun 27, 2013 · I am a felon, not on probation (my felonies were 8 years ago) and I enjoy target practice and hunting. I wanted to know if it is legal for me to possess the items listed above such as bb guns, air rifles, crossbows, straight bows, even slingshots.
There are many states which consider slingshot to be illegal. However, I had read somewhere that Massachusetts is one place where it is legal. In slingshotforums.com its stated its legal to own slingshots in Utah with the exception of Salt Lake City Utah. Maybe its a Mormon thing.
Illinois Law Lets School Expel Students Making Internet Threats A new law recently went into effect in Illinois that allows school boards and administrators to suspend or expel a student if that student threatens a school employee, another student or any school-related personnel on the Internet or any social networking websites.
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ILLINOIS It is against the law to use a slingshot unless you are a police officer. Law forbids eating in a place that is on fire. IOWA Public kisses may last for as much as, but no more than, five minutes. One armed piano players must perform for free. WASHINGTON It is illegal to paint polka dots on the American flag.
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